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This is obviously my gallery. Before you enter I should explain how it is orgainized.
It's set up as so:
Nuzlockes and Stuff: GLoB, GLoB Gijinkas
Main Groups: A:TLA, XS, HM, Sonic, ect.
My 'Weeks': Zutara, Mokka, ect.
Hobbies: Linearts, Muro, ect.
Ideas for possible stories.

Just wanted to clarify this for anyone who's looking for something specific in my galley.



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Okay so like . . . I am well aware that I've dropped off the face of the planet as of late and I REALLY apologize for that. Things have been really nuts and messed up. Mom's still down because of the fall, but we're getting closer to being able to do surgery and whatnot. She's, as of right now, getting bariatric surgery sometime in the next 5-6 months, which will get the weight down to where they can do her back surgery, which we pray will help her and get her back to feeling good. But she's been denied for Disability again, for whatever inane reason and I still haven't been able to find a job. So money is still shaky and tight. Our Go Fund Me is still open here: if you can help at all we ask that you please do so.

I, personally, have been really stressed and worn down by all of this. Which has lead me to be away from here for a while now. I'm hoping to get back and more active in my page again. A family friend helped me get my computer fixed, which will help me greatly. I know my comic making just kind of fell apart there, and I owe a few people some art things, if they still even want them -_-; But now onto the BEST news ever!

I'M GOING TO C2E2!!!!! That amazing family friend has invited me and my bro to go to the Con which is the greatest thing ever. I'll be there Saturday the 25th! I'm so absolutely excited!
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Of Treaties and Wars

Fandom: Oban Star-Racers

Rating: T

Couple: Eva x Aikka, Jordan x OC

Genre: Romance, Action, Fantasy

Chapter 3: In Which Eva is Summoned

After a long and pleasant dinner Eva returned home to shower and unwind after the long day. She’d just stepped into the house and kicked off her shoes when there was a firm knock on her door. She paused and slowly went over to it, opening it hesitantly. Standing there was a formal and serious looking man in a serious looking suit. She knew exactly who he was from first glance. He was one of the governments men, the one specifically designated to her.

“What do you want, I know for a fact I haven’t broken any of the rules. I haven’t even told my roommate,” she huffed irritably. He frowned and looked down at her unimpressed and unamused. Eva crossed her arms and waited irritably.

“I have been sent to procure you. The President wishes to see you,” he told her firmly. Her eyes widened a bit in shock. The President? Why would he ever want to see her. They hadn’t even met the new President when they returned to Earth. She just nodded numbly, slipped her shoes back on, locked up and hurried out. He took her to a helicopter that would quickly be able to fly her across the city to the Presidents Mansion. She wanted to ask questions, but she felt it best to wait and see. They landed on the pad and she was lead to a room inside the Mansion full of cushy couches and ordered to wait. She shifted uncomfortably and slowly sat on the couch to wait. After what seemed like an eternity, but was really only a few minutes the door on the other side of the room opened and the President stepped into the room.

President Niklo was indefinitely younger than the previous President, running at the minimum age allowance. He was fairly handsome for a man his age, tall with dark skin and black short curly hair. Eva had only see his pictures in the papers and on the internet, and he was definitely one of those people who looked much better natural than photographed.

“Mr. President,” she said as she quickly stood, feeling more nervous than she had in a great long while.

“Please Eva, no need to be so formal. Just call me by my name, and sit, no need to be uncomfortable,” he smiled as he guestured for her to sit back down as he sat across from her. “I’m sorry for calling you here so late, I wasn’t aware of certain circumstances until this last hour,” he apologized.

“No sir it’s alright really. I’m just surprised that a man of your status would need to speak to a simple Racer Pilot like me” Eva assured him with a small smile. His calm attitude and demeanor were quickly helping to calm her nerves. It couldn’t be anything too bad with how he was acting.

“Yes well . . . I have a question for you Eva. It’s quite well known that you support the Nourasian Resistance. Could you tell me why,” he inquired, getting down to the reason for the visit. Eva’s eyebrow raised in surprise about the topic.

“Well sir, if you read my reports on Oban it should be fairly obvious why I support the Resistance, and every one of its members,” she frowned confused. What surprised her the most was the confusion that appeared on his face.

“Oban? What are you talking about?” he frowned, obviously confused and lost.

“Didn’t they tell you about Oban when you came into office. The Great Race, the Race for the Ultimate Prize of becoming Avatar. I my father, Rick Thunderbolt, my Star-Racer mechanics Stan and Koji and a soldier Jordan C. Wilde were all taken into outer space to compete in the Great Race of Oban,” she frowned as she explained. The look of confusion on his face slowly morphed from confusion to anger.

“No, I was not informed of any of this, and someone is going to pay for that later. For now, please tell me all about this Great Race and why it was so important” he growled furiously. Eva could completely relate. How dare the excess authorities try and hide this from even the President himself. Her plights and the plights of the Earth team were being treated as if unworthy to ever be spoken of.

Eva started at the beginning, explaining everything she knew and everything that occurred while she was competing in the Great Race. She talked of Jordan’s bravery, Aikka’s fight to remain loyal to his people and himself. The good things, the friends she made, as well as the bad. Everything down to the last detail was explained to him as best as she could. And when she was done the President sat back and was silent as he thought for long moments. Finally he looked up at her and smiled.

“Thank you Eva, you’ve cleared up a great many things for me. And now I feel I can come to a proper decision on issues that have been brought to my attention lately. But for now, your presence has been requested by another person staying here” he told her with a light smile as he stood and held out his hand for her. She looked at him confused but slowly took his hand and stood. He lead her out of the room and up the hallway, he opened the door and gestured for her to enter the room. She hesitated before slowly entering the room.

At first she didn’t see him, but eventually they found him across the room by the window. Her eyes widened in shock as they took in his form. He had changed a bit of course, time and circumstance will do that to a person. His hair was longer, falling down to hand around his shoulders. And aging had taken what was left of his baby fat and made him look much more mature. But the biggest thing was his height, he’d shot up to instead of just being taller, to being much taller than her. She took a slow step towards him.

“Aikka,” his name fell from her lips like a whisper, but he heard it, turning and looking at her. His eyes lingered on her for a few moments, no doubt takin in all of her changes as well, though she felt they were far less than his. A smile struck across his face and he hurried across the room to her.

“Molly it has been far too long since last we met. I apologize greatly for that. But between your government and the war I have had little time or ability to visit,” he apologized as he stood happily before her.

“You mean you didn’t forget about me, what a relief,” she teased him lightly with a small smirk. He smiled lightly and looked at her with an emotion she couldn’t name in his eyes.

“I could never forget about you,” he told her softly. Her eyes widened and a blush erupted across her cheeks. She’d forgotten how easy it was for him to do that to her. He took her hand and brought it up to his lips, kissing it softly “I have missed you greatly Molly.” If I didn’t think my blush could get brighter before it certainly proved me wrong then. My entire face felt as if it was on fire. A thought cleared behind them and they jumped apart a bit and turned to face the President.

“I’m sorry to interrupt but we have a few things to discuss,” he apologized as he sat on a couch much like the one from the previous room. Aikka seemed to get serious then and sat on the couch across from him. After a moment I slowly took a seat next to Aikka.

“Now that the air has been cleared about a few things Prince Aikka I am more than willing to consider the offer and request you have brought to me. But understand by all rights I cannot make this decision alone, I must hold a council meeting where you are present and there must be a vote. I have a large bit of power and my vote counts for almost half, but it’s still not enough to decide on my own. The next council meeting is scheduled in a few days if that is okay for you to wait” the President explained to Aikka who considered what he had to say very closely. After a few moments Aikka nodded in agreement.

“That is agreeable to me. I have a few days leeway before I must return to Nourasia. I shall discuss this with your Council and hopefully win them over. We sorely need the Earth’s help in the rebellion to win this war,” Aikka nodded. The President nodded before standing and stretching.

“In the meantime it’s best for you to keep a low profile as visitors from Nourasia aren’t exactly common here. And in that case I think it’s best for you to stay with Eva here until the council date,” the President smirked down at us. Eva’s eyes widened at the suggestion before quickly standing.

“B-but I live with a roommate who knows nothing about my past. How am I going to explain the Nourasian Prince showing up all of a sudden,” she tried to excuse. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to be around Aikka, there was just no good way to go about his staying with her.

“Then by all means tell her. You have full permission to be me. Now off you both go, it’s getting far too late” the President urged them up and back towards the door. As soon as they were both back in the helicopter Aikka and Eva were silent for a bit, not even knowing where to start. Slowly he turned to face her with a smile.

“So, here on Earth you are referred to Eva correct?” he asked curiously. She chuckled and rubbed the back of her neck.

“Yeah, it’s really my birth name, but I had to change it for the Great Race. Really though you can call me whatever you like” she gave him an assuring smile.

 He considered if for a moment before nodding “Very well, I will try to refer to you by your birth name for now, but it is possible I will forget and call you Molly.” She just smiled and nodded in agreement. The helicopter slowly made its decent and they were escorted back to her apartment. She gave the men in suits all thorough glares before opening the door and quickly getting them both inside before prompt shutting the door in their faces, letting out a sigh as she leaned against the door in relief.  

“Eva is that you! Where the Hell have you been!” Star’s voice echoed from down the hall. Eva groaned and leaned her head back against the door. Crap.

Of Treaties and Wars

Fandom: Oban Star-Racers

Rating: T

Couple: Eva x Aikka, Jordan x OC

Genre: Romance, Action, Fantasy

Chapter 2: In Which Eva Races

Eva leaned forward in her rocket seat and urged her racer faster as she tried to edge ahead of her opponents. As one tried to cut her off she swiveled around and snuck ahead, putting herself in first. She smirked as the racer fell for her simple trick and burst ahead. She let herself drift around the track in a show-offy way to amuse her fans who cheered her name. Suddenly she saw a flash in her peripheral and looked over to see the pure white Star-Racer of her biggest rival of the season. She saw Derek Switzer, pilot of the Streaking Wind, give her a smirk and a wave before slipping under her and taking her lead. She growled at his conceded manner and urged herself faster to catch up with him.

“Eva what are you doing letting him get ahead of you like that,” her father growled at her through the coms. She rolled her eyes and flipped over the Wind to take back her leading spot, throwing him a little smirk and wave of her own before hitting the accelerator.

“He’s thinner than I am and infinitely more frustrating than even you are. He got a moment of ahead time, it’s not the end of the world,” she replied back with snark. All she could hear over the coms was her father’s growling and Ricks chuckling in response. She smirked and curved to the side to cut off the Wind and get into the final tunnel first. She could almost see Derek’s fuming face in her mind. Nothing was better than making him angry and giving him a lesson in humility. She kept herself would up and ready for the final stretch. As soon as she saw the light at the end of the tunnel she set her boosters on high and figuratively floored it to the finish time. She ran across first and hit the brakes to slow down to get herself over to the winners circle, landing with a rush of wind and popping the top open.


The crowd yelled and cheered her name as they saw her and she waved at them in thankfulness. Derek hovered his way over to sit his Racer in the 2nd place spot next to hers, looking salty all the while. The 3rd place racer landed in their spot and the top popped open to reveal Rahna Abram, one of the rookies that had been giving her a run for her money that year. The officiators all came around to them with the usual flowers and pomp, as well as the managers and coaches. Eva hopped out of her racer to walk over to the podium.

“With another year of successful Semi-Finals I’d like to announce the participants in this years Finals. In the Major leagues East branch we have Eva Wei in first, Derek Switzer in second, and Rahna Abram in third. And the finalists from the West branch Lohgain Rhodes in first, Mavrie Wevya in second, and Threse Danima in third. These six finalists will race in the Grand Final race in one week. Congratulations to our finalists!” the Commentator announced to the crowd and anyone listening/watching elsewhere. People cheered all over the stadium for their favorite racer. Eva smiled and waved to the section of the crowd who had been cheering for her.

“Look at you Miss Eva Wei, still riding the winds of your parent’s talent I see” Derek hissed as he made his way over to her. Eva just rolled her eyes at him and turned to head for Rick and her dad, but she felt his hand clasp around her wrist and pulled her around to face him. “When will you just admit that all this showing off has been to get my attention. It doesn’t matter now as you’ve got it and I can quite honestly say I’m very interested,” he chuckled. She glared and narrowed her eyes at him, yanking her arm away violently.

“I wouldn’t bother trying to attract your attention even if it was up to us to repopulate the Earth” Eva spat at him venomously before storming over back to her racer. She hated Derek, hated him with all the passion of a burning sun. He was arrogant and hot-headed, always expecting everyone to want him. He’d been after her since they started racing together her second year in the minor leagues and he hadn’t stopped.

“That buffoon causing you trouble Champ, because if he is I can have a ‘word’ with him” a familiar voice asked as it threw an arm around her shoulders. Eva smirked happily as she recognized the voice of her friend and roommate Star Pierce. The two had started racing together her first year in the minor leagues and became fast friends straight away. The two were alike in how they thought and what they liked, as well as having less than stellar childhoods. Star was an amazing pilot in her own right, always just a hair behind Eva. And when Eva had moved on to the Major Leagues, Star stayed in the Minor and became the running Champion there. They were the unstoppable Thunderbolt Racers.

 “No more than usual Star, but thanks for the offer. Maybe one day I’ll take you up on that offer” Eva chuckled in response as she sent another glare Derek’s way, but then shrugged and moved on to her Dad and Rick who were waiting by the Whizzing Cloud.

“That was a reckless win Eva. Too close for comfort and he spent too much time in front of you” Don Wei chided her as she approached them. Eva rolled her eyes at him ridiculous gripes.

“He was barely in front of me for a few seconds, there was no way he was beating me to the tunnel. You’re overreacting as usual. And really all that matters is the end result. I came in first, I’m leading in all the rankings as usual” she scoffed at him with a shrug, leaning against the Star-Racer. Don Wei scowled at her usual waving off of his warnings but Rick just smirked.

“Yeah yeah, all coaching and stuff aside you did good Little Mouse. And we’re celebrating this victory at my place tonight. Anya’s already cooking up quite the feast” Rick announced at the group. Both Eva and Star gave each other huge smiles of excitement. Nothing was better than Anya Thunderbolts cooking. Especially when it was made for special occasions.  

“Rick my man your family is the best family on the planet, bar none, got it. And if you keep spoiling me with all this food I may move in with you after all” Star chuckled as she leapt onto his back, throwing her arms around his neck to keep herself there.

“That offers a little old you know, like 5 years old” Rick huffed as he tried to carefully throw her off, with little success. Star just chuckled at his attempts, she was small but she was strong.

“Aww I didn’t know the offer had an expiration date, don’t you like me anymore Rick” she pouted at him. With that Rick reached behind him and grabbed her, flipping her over him and plopping her on the ground.

“If you keep being this annoying I promise the offer will expire” he narrowed his eyes. She just stuck out her tongue at him and hopped up, going over to me and throwing her arm around me again. I raised an eyebrow and smirked amusedly at her.

“Shall we go? I’m already starving.”




Anya Thunderbolt was one of those women who, when they met you, and decided/found out that you weren’t being treated right, decided to adopt you and become your 2nd mom. Which, when coming into contact with Star and I, was exactly what happened. Anya took me in and made sure that I always had a mother-figure to come to no matter how hard it got. And as soon as we walked in the door, once we had recovered from being hit with all the amazing smells from the kitchen, she wheeled herself over to give us both hugs, and chastise us for not visiting in so long.

“Come on now Anya, if I came over any more than I do now I’d live here” Star chuckled to her as she held her in an extra-long hug.

“And what would be wrong with that? The offer is still open any time you want” Anya assured her as she switched her chair to hover-mode to give her arms a break. At that Star turned to Rick and gave him a superior smirk, to which Rick just walked past her, ruffling her hair as he went, causing Star to whine as she tried to fix it.

“Now, now, whatever’s caused you both to go at it like this is probably childish and ridiculous. Get along or I’ll have to go about making a shirt big enough to be a get-along-shirt for you both” Anya threatened them as she started heading back into the house, barely glancing at Don Wei.

Eva wasn’t surprised at her lack of even addressing her father. It was his fault that she was in a wheelchair, instead of zooming around a racetrack after all. Don just cleared his throat and followed her towards the living room.

As Star and Eva reached the living room two high pitched squeals were heard as two lumps crashed at their legs, wrapping their arms around them. Eva looked down to see Rick and Anya’s 5 year old daughter Tanya around her legs, and her 3 year old brother Jason around Stars. Both looked up at them with wide bright eyes.

“We watched you race today Eva, you were amazing!” Tanya declared excitedly as Jason nodded in agreement. I chuckled as scooped her up, swinging her around carefully like she was flying. She squealed and hollered in happiness and excitement as I did so. Jason motioned demandingly that Star do the same and she obliged with a chuckle of her own. Eventually they both became to dizzy and wiggled to stop so they set them down.

“I’m gonna be a pilot too someday, the best one ever. Even better than you or Star, or Mommy, or even Daddy. I’ll be the best!” Tanya declared as she hopped up on the arm of the couch and threw her arms up.

“Not if your mother catches you on the couch like that,” Rick warned her as he scooped her up and pulled her down on his lap, tickling her sides to make her giggle. Eva sat down as well and relaxed into the couch . She loved being at the Thunderbolts over any other place, the atmosphere was amazingly relaxing and it felt like a real home. It helped that Anya made sure to keep the place well stocked in everything both girls liked, from snacks to entertainment. She idly watched as Star played with Jason and Rick rough-played with Tanya. This was a home, this was a life she wanted.

“Alright you crazy pack, time for dinner” Anya called from the kitchen, and we all hurried towards the kitchen like a stampeding herd.

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